Our History

The Light of the World Bible Church of God under the command of the Holy Spirit was founded  in October 22nd 1995 by blessed-memory Snr. Apostle Dr. Moses Uwadia Egharevba.

As culled from “the first edition of a publication of the royal youth of the Light of the World Bible Church  magazine ‘THE EAGLE EYE’ page 4.”

Eagle’s eye: -      The name of the church, THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD BIBLE CHURCH OF GOD, how was the name inspired?


Snr. Apostle Egharevba:      After establishing the church, I wondered within myself how I could operate a church without a name. so I started asking God to give me a name for the church. So one day, I heard a voice say “THE WORD OF LIFE BIBLE CHURCH.” We operated with this name until I thought about registering the church, someone told me that the name “THE WORD OF LIFE” was already in existence in Warri, Delta state. So I thought to myself, what will I do if this name “THE WORD OF LIFE BIBLE CHURCH OF GOD” is not accepted at the Corporate Affairs Commission. One evening as I was studying, I heard a voice telling me to write, so I picked up my pen, and I heard “THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD BIBLE CHURCH OF GOD”. And so when we finally took “THE WORD OF LIFE BIBLE CHURCH OF GOD” for registration, it was turned down because a church was already registered with that name. Then we applied for registration with “THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD BIBLE CHURCH OF GOD INT’ERNATIONAL” and it was accepted. I added the “INTERNATIONAL” because I felt the church will one day have branches in other countries. 


"The use of staff by the priest and ordained Pastor started in 1996 when Holy Spirit anointed one Elder J.U. Obakpolo and one Deaconess Elizabeth Ojo. This was followed up by the first baptism in December 14th 1996. The celebration of Lord’s supper began in the same year. It was an order from god that only the Baptized members of the Church take part in Lord’s Supper. The Church whose baptism was approved is allowed to participate in the supper. From the foregoing and the ones written out in this book, hence this Beliefs, Rules, Regulations and practices of the Church came up stream if it pleases God Almighty to add or take away from them I cannot contest it with Him. The section of Rule and Regulation part VII which is based on the laws of the land, cannot be thrown overboard but to be compiled with every minister and member of the Light of the World Bible  Church of God International Incorporated in Nigeria and Worldwide. Any person who violates any of the aspect of the doctrinal beliefs and practices even the rules and regulations of the church should be sanctioned in line with the offence committed. The highest sanction is excommunication beliefs, rules, regulations and practices. The leader or general overseer of the church shall not shy away from his spiritual and terrestrial duties to the children of God as any attempt to turn the word of God upside down and lean on carnality; to do the will of God he must be quickly called back to do the right thing by the Hierarchy and the church council members. They should do this without fear or favour. God’s will is PARAMOUNT. Marriage should henceforth be meticulously screened by the council of elders comprising minister/ministers of God, Elders, Deacons, Arch deacons, Deacons and church wardens.

Before marriage is entered into or contracted, there must be atleast four weeks marriage course/seminar for the couples and a week for their guardians or parents. Where this is not certificated, the Apostle or the officiating priest can refuse to join them together as the marriage is not properly prepared for. There shall be marriage council in the church. This shall be called marriage committee in the Local church committee. The council members have no authority to dissolve or put marriage asunder except the leader or General overseer of the church acting on the advice or recommendation of the Apostle’s council.

They should be guided by Jesus saying and the word of God in Genesis 2:24 and Matthew 19:6. Marriage should not be slighted in the Light of the World Bible Church of God International incorporated in Nigeria and Worldwide. Colour or race or tribe or ethnic group should not alter it. This order is from above even from God the father, son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Apostle  Moses  Egharvba (blessed memory)